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About Patagonia

Patagonia is located in the Southern Cone region of The Americas and is shared between Chile and Argentina . This Bio-region containing the southernmost portion of South America, comprise a diverse geography, which sustain a wide range of climates, eco-systems, landscapes and one of the largest reserves of freshwater on our planet.

Amongst these rich eco-systems are the semi-arid to arid, hard grass covered Patagonia plains, splashed with the miracle of the ‘mallines’ or meadows, moving towards the Andean mountain range the land is more humid and densely populated with evergreen forests. Since this a temperate rainforest, the Water is queen in this part of Patagonia, contained in lakes such as : Llanquihue, Yelcho. Rosselot, Nahuel Huapi y Puelo, and which expresses all its beauty and power in the fast flowing and switchback rivers of Patagonia. Among these the best known are: the Manso, the Futaleufu’, the Baker and the Pascua. Dropping toward the Pacific Ocean, the coastal range, ‘ Cordillera de la Costa’, breaks up and the Andean range sinks at about 52 degrees longitude and is intermittent until Tierra del Fuego, where is know as the Darwin range . The fragmentation of the land in the archipelagos and islands have formed two principal navigable channels for all kind of vessels.

The wealth of land & marine life of the forests, channels and fjords of the Pacific and the plains and bays of the Atlantic, can only be compared with the snow covered peaks and the glaciers of Patagonia. In few words, Patagonia in total, is an invaluable reserve of the Biosphere, the sphere of life that is our planet.


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Campos Dos Margaritas

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Today the gaucho is one of local personage that rambles with his cattle across the plains and valleys of Patagonia, this personage represents the summary of all the humans’ history in this place. Wherever you go in Patagonia you will always find a Mate, a good game of Truco, music and dancing to animate an Asado or rustic barbeque. Daily life in Patagonia is challenging, so meeting with family and friends and sharing with the community are fundamental for success in Patagonia.

Even though Patagonia was mistreated due to ignorance during the 20th century, its natural wealth with gifts beyond value for humanity, remained. Thanks to this wealth and the distinctive culture of Patagonia, eco-adventure tourism has transformed into an important economic activity and has motivated the community to reconnect as diverse organizations with the shared objective of actively protecting the natural wealth for the current and future sustainability of Patagonia.

The movement towards a sustainable model for Patagonia began about fifteen years ago and is the sum of activities and work from various adventure travel companies and environmental organizations working in the region. From the environmental perspective, among others who contributed are: Pumalín Foundation, Proyecto Lemu, NOLS, Dos Margaritas, Patagonia sin Represas, GeoAustral y Ecosistemas. Companies working in the region include: Expeditions Chile, Earth River, BioBio Expeditions, Al Sur, Jim Repine, Explora, Bigfoot, Extremo Sur, Isla Monita to name a few.


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