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Campos Dos Margaritas
For Sale

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This is a spectacular property located in Northern part of the Chilean Patagonia in the heart of the famous Futaleufú valley. Specifically the sector is known as 'El Azul'. The property is 500 acres of temperate forest with an organic working farm and infrastructure for tourism, in one of the most active spots of Futaleufú.

The property and the farm is situated at the northern edge of the river and above the main road, which is a branch of the Austral Highway. 'Dos Margaritas Campo' is only 24 km. from the picturesque border town of Futaleufú and 1.5 hours from the Argentine city of Esquel. Some of the world famous rapids of the Futaleufú river are seen from the road as you drive southeast towards the town of Palena.

The natural qualities of the zone, not only make it ideal for river sports but without doubt, an incredible paradise to enjoy bird watching, trekking, horseback riding or fly fishing in Espolon or Yelcho lakes. All are readily accessible on the property or within one hour drive.

The neighbors, in the small community of 'El Azul', are comprised of: decendants of the settlers, new property owners and 3 international businesses dedicated to adventure travel; ExChile, Earth River & BioBio Expeditions.

The Property of Dos Margaritas offers a unique opportunity, as it's 'ready to go', for someone who desires to be in the heart of the global trend to embrace economic sustainability & to develop or enhance a business of eco-tourism & organic agriculture.
(futaleufu is at the bottom of this sectional map)

For more information, please contact:

Lisa Gansky 510.703.2204

For more information, please contact:
Roberto Fagalde
mobile: 56- 8 428 8079
phone: 56- 2 717 0593

Esquel- Futaleufú -Chaiten

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