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DM is committed to  conservation through stewardship, both as a land owner and by demonstration and through its educational programs. Throughout South America as in other developing nations, there are tensions between cherishing and preserving natural habitats and exploiting the land and its beauty to grow the region and its economy. These tensions are real and DM, being a land owner, is in a position to work with the local people and to learn and demonstrate through action. These challenges are often quite complex and DM participates with the local communities, third parties and in some cases government agencies to understand and navigate through to a ecologically healthy result.


Dos Margaritas - Conservation FutaleufúFutaleufu’ is a narrow, pristine and increasingly well known valley in Northern Patagonia Chile. Key points of attraction are its rivers, lakes, glaciers and mountains. They are highly sought after vacation spots for adventure travelers worldwide. The river is considered by kayakers and rafters to be one of the top 3 in the world; likewise, it’s lakes and rivers are perfect fly fishing destinations. The forests of the region are temperate rainforests. During 7 years since DM acquired 1,000 acres along the Futalefufu river, the land, economy and community have changed substantially. As its fame continues to grow, so too will the challenges of balancing protection with commerce. The Eco Tourism Center is located on a mesa on approximately 1% of the DM land.